Why heart attack is more common nowadays? and why it happens for youngsters also?


Heart attack is also called as Myocardial infraction in medical terms. Hear attack is a medical emergency, it is usually happened by blockage of blood vessels and clotting of the blood in coronary arteries, The main reason for blockage of blood vessels is,

  1. Atherosclerosis, deposition of fats in the walls of the arteries and causes harden to the flow of blood in the blood vessels.
  2. Damage of blood vessels during accidents and causes clotting of blood in arteries…
  3. Angina pectoris ( Accute heart pain due to low oxygen supply ) If enough oxygen doesn’t reaches to the heart it leads to heart pain and also causes heart attack.
  4. Edema:- If any fluids are accumulated in the ankles and legs, causing them to leads for heart attack
  5. Loss of sexual practice can leads to heart attack especially in case of men.

Treatment for myocardial infraction :-

If any person is feeling as heart pain immediately shift them to the hospital.The immediate treatment for heart attack, having the greater and more success.

Sometimes the person having a heart attack may stops breathing, in that cases cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should be done immediately, this process includes,

1. Manually chest pressing,

2. providing artificial respiration to the victim,from another person
                                              defibrillator panels

Medications used to treat myocardial infractions :-

  1. Aspirin [or other antiplatelets are used, it depends on the conditions of the patients]
  2. beta blockers[ the drugs includes, Atenolol, butolol,pindolol,nadolol, propranolol,]
  3. ACE inhibitors ( angitensin converting enzyme inhibitors) the drugs includes, Captopril, Enalopril ,Ramipril etc
  4. Angioplasty is conducted.

Prevention of Heart attack ;-

The best way to prevent heart attack is to maintain healthy and good lifestyle, that includes,


#Balanced and healthy diet

#doing exercise and yoga

#taking good sleep

#maintain diabetes under controle

#no alcohol consumption

#maintaining our blood pressure normally

#normal body weight maintainance

#Avoid stress as possible

#balance sexual life 

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