Top text books for Diploma in pharmacy students,D pharmacy text books


If you are studying in diploma in pharmacy, and getting confusions about to refer the books, if u are thinking to buy a books, first u need to know about the subjects which you have in both first year and second year D pharmacy.
So let you know about the subjects you have in first year diploma in pharmacy,

1.Pharmaceutics I
2.pharmaceutical chemistry I ( inorganic)
4.Biochemistry and clinical pathology
5.Human anatomy and physiology
6.Health education and community pharmacy

Lets know about the authors and publications for first year diploma in pharmacy ….

This subject is one of the easiest subject in pharmacy, the below average students can also get good percentage in this subject, I’m recommend you to study this subject well, you can score very well in this subject….
Recommended book for pharmaceutics 1 is Pharamaceutics 1 by RM Mehta

This book is very easy to study and understand it contains brief informations… is very good for the purpose of exams and scoring good marks….
this book is written by RM Mehta, authors educational qualification is Bsc, M pharm, AIC….

Pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry-II :-

This subject is quite difficult to remember for the students
who doesn’t like chemistry,but once you started to like this subject,
I promise you guys this subject will become your favorite subject….
For this subject i would like to recommend the author
Dr. AV Kasture written’s pharmaceutical chemistry-I ,
From Nirali prakashan….

3.Pharmacognosy :-

This subject is like a tables we have studied

in primary schools… because everything is same but only the drugs name nd its pharmacological names, and its colour, odour, structure etc…we have to study complete details about drugs in this subject….for this subject I’ll recommend you to study The book
Ck kokate written’s Nirali prakashan’s book…it is enough for diploma in pharmacy students…

4.Biochemistry and clinical pathology:-

This is also one of loveable subject, anyone can score good marks in this

subject because it is the easiest and knowledgeable subject…for this subject I’ll recommend you guys two book is written by N Murgesh and another one book is written by three authors…i,e.M.R Chaudhari ,Y.A kulkarni & S.B Gokhale…
4.Human anatomy and physiology:-
This subject is similar to biology, you might

be studied in previous classes or plus 2, so i think
it will not difficult for the students….
I recommend you to study ross and willson
or G.J tortora book, Tortora is much bigger for
d pharm students…,Ross & Willson is enough for you guys…..

6.Health education and community pharmacy:- This is also an easy subject and easy to score good marks,
for this subject I’ll recommend you the book, HEALTH EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY PHARMACY written by P.C Dandiya , Z Y K Zafer , and Afifa zafer…..

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