Health benefits of blue potato: for heart, brain and diabetes problems.


 Here’s some good news for patients with heart, cancer, and diabetes, etc, problems.

       The Blue Potato, developed at the Research Center, is said to be the epitome of these three diseases.

  A new variety of potatoes has been developed at the Central Potato Research Center in Patna. It is grown on a practical basis in the village of Vaishali district of Bihar. This species, known as the blue herbal potato, is said to have herbal properties that are beneficial for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Shambhu Kumar, a scientist at the Central Potato Research Center, has said that this blue-potato is ‘Neelakant’ in comparison to other potatoes. Having said that, it has more beneficial herbal properties than other types of potatoes.

     Jitendra Kumar Singh, a progressive farmer from Namidih in the Vaishali district, has been cultivating the potato, and the specialty of this new potato is that its intake and inner parts help fight cancer cells and control sugar levels. Also, potatoes are rich in anti-oxidant fiber, magnesium and copper. These qualities of the potato can be a boon for diabetes, cancer and heart disease. High intake of anti-oxidant in it increases the level of healthy cholesterol. It has a number of benefits related to a variety of benefits, including vision and eye health. Similarly, it reduces the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes, Singh said

   Developed after years of experimentation, this type of potato weighs about 60 to 80 grams. Blue herbal potatoes can be consumed after baking. This potato can also be eaten as part of a salad we eat regularly. Its high yielding quality gives farmers a better earning opportunity nowadays. Scientists have yet to name this new type of potato. Agricultural scientist, Jitendra Kumar Singh, a farming farmer, said that the code was given for agricultural experiment purposes.

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